Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lazy Chair video and Miniature Lazy Chair

Shown here is a piece called Lazy Chair by Fresh West.

From the video description:
Lazy Chair by Fresh West is an experimental concept piece based upon small wooden animals toys held together by tension springs which when the based is pushed in, the tension is lost and the animal collapses. The chair has a diffident personality of its own which collapses on approach and then rights itself in a random human like manner after a few moments delay.

The clever folks at Laikingland are offering The Miniature Lazy Chair by Fresh West -- a 1:6 scale version of the original. Just push the lever and the chair collapses, after a few moments it too restores itself! This is what The Miniature Lazy Chair looks like:
The Miniature Lazy Chair
Here's where you can see more images and/or order your own Miniature Lazy Chair.

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