Thursday, September 23, 2010

Video of the Museum Speelklok in the Netherlands

The Museum Speelklok in the Netherlands describes itself as "the most cheerful museum in the Netherlands". This video, featuring their astounding collection of mechanical wonders, makes their claim seem quite plausible to me.

From the site description:
Carillon clocks, musical boxes, Flötenuhren, pianolas, the singing nightingale, orchestrions including the famous Violina, street, fairground and dance organs; Museum Speelklok (before: the National Museum ‘From Musical Clock to Street Organ’) has it all. Guided tours of the museum take place every hour, when the instruments will be playing their repertoire varying from Viennese waltzes and tangos to tear-jerkers and the very latest hits. Besides presenting its collection, the museum takes great pleasure in organising special projects with well-known artists.

Learn more about the Museum Speelklok on their web site.

[ Thanks Vanessa! ]

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