Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Akribos 'Davinci' mechanical wrist watch

I still don't know all the much about watches. I do know that if you name something after Leonardo, pack in full of miniature gears, and make it move by mechanical means that you will get my attention. Hell, I don't even care if it tells time! (This one does, by the way, the picture is of the back of the watch.)

From the watch description:
Featuring a unique exposed-gear design, the Akribos XXIV Men's 'Davinci' Mechanical Gold Round Watch #AK406YG shows off the perfect marriage of form and function. Its skeleton dial and exhibition caseback combine to reveal engraved, gold-tone gears, which are complemented by the watch's gold-plated stainless steel case and bezel. Bright blue hour and minute hands with luminous-tips add a touch of color to unique design, and a small hand in the nine-o'clock position tracks seconds.

So, here's the other crazy thing about this watch...
List price: $749.00
Amazon's current price: $134.99
You save: $614.01

You save 82%? Really?!? I honestly don't know, but that sure sounds good.

Here's where you can see more pictures and info for the Akribos 'Davinci' Mechanical Watch.

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