Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Animatronic wooden T-rex kit

animatronic wooden tyrannosaur
Alright! This beast has it all as far as I am concerned: wood, servos, motion, construction, and dinosaurs. OK, perhaps it could be cooler -- if it was 11 feet instead of 11 inches tall for example, but the shipping charges would be outrageous.

From the animatronic wooden tyrannosaur description:
Coming to life unexpectedly from 104 precisely cut wooden pieces, this is the animatronic tyrannosaur that prowls, snaps its jaws, and roars when provoked by motion or sound. The pieces assemble without glue, cutting, or hardware to form a simulacrum of the Jurassic terror, complete with clawed feet, tail, and its iconic gargantuan head. Built-in servos provide articulated movement of the jaws, neck, and legs. Its head-mounted sensor detects movement and sound -- a turned on light in a bedroom or clap of the hands is enough to stir the creature to action -- prompting it to move forward, gnash its teeth, or bellow. The included infrared remote also allows control over forward, left, and right movement as well as roaring. Requires three AA and two AAA batteries.

Here's where you can get this wooden animatronic tyrannosaur.

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