Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Build your own extremely high-end precision clock

Have you ever wanted to own an incredibly accurate analog clock? Have you ever wondered how they work? Do you have some time and a lot of disposable income? Have I got the kit for you!

The famous clock manufacturers, Erwin Sattler of Munich, now offer two amazingly deluxe clock-making kits. Shown here is their Mechanica M1 model which can be ordered in four gorgeous woods.

From the maker's web site:
"The innovative Mechanica clockwork follows the tradition of old clock manufactories, as e.g. Strasser & Rhode, which has already delivered single unit parts for precision clocks to clockmakers at the end of the 19th century. All needed tools are included in the clock kit. Regardless of how you grade your own technical understanding, the mechanics of the gears with its ratio and bearing will fascinate you just as much as the findings of the pendulum laws and the function of the escapement."

I'll warn you, this is no cheapo clock or kit. These are world famous clocks makers and have thought this kit through very, very carefully. It is pricey -- as in 3900 EUR or about $5400 USD. But, please, just check out how it arrives at your door:

I know I want one!

Here's where you can read more and see addition images of the Mechanica precision clock kit. If you order one, let me know how it goes!

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