Monday, October 11, 2010

Victorian futurist's working monorail model

Victorian futurist's working monorail model
See that? I didn't say "Steampunk"! Crap, I just did. Ah, well...take a look at this cool working autonomous monorail set anyway.

From the monorail model description:
...follow straightforward graphic instructions to snap together the 550-piece construction pieces into one of three track configurations, or clever architects can assemble the versatile pieces into as many structures as they can imagine. The monorail locomotive has a working light and both it and the passenger car bear the hallmark cogs, portholes, rivets, and visible gears made famous by early science fiction writers. The elevated track can run as long as 20 looping feet over a 25' sq. area...

Here's where you can get the The Victorian Futurist's Monorail.

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