Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Amazing Paper Pets: 6 Animated Animals to Make!

Amazing Paper Pets - 6 Animated Animals to Make
Paper automata are a great way to start making them, regardless of your tools, age, or skill-level. These are especially easy, since you don't even need to cut the paper pieces; they simply pop out. Rob Ives is a master of paper engineering. Trust me on this! He has put this book together so that you can make 6 different moving models:

• A gorilla beating his chest
• A pecking chicken
• A hopping kangaroo
• A dog that moves as if barking
• A goat that shakes his head
• A walking cat

Oh,'ll learn some things about basic mechanisms and physics making these fun automata too!

Here's where to order Amazing Paper Pets: 6 Animated Animals to Make

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