Saturday, December 04, 2010

Cams & Cranks toy - 5 models and some physics

A few days ago I pointed out Engino Mechanical Science's Gear toy. I should also mention that they have a whole line of machine-based toys. One of those toys -- Cams & Cranks -- is shown here.

From the cams and cranks toy description:

Learn how you can transmit power using Cams and Cranks are how these can be used to convert reciprocal to linear motion. Build 5 models including an oil drill, a flying eagle, a crane and a moving figure. A 36 page activity book is included with innovative experiments and detailed explanation of the different technological principles applied! Booklet with detailed building instructions also included.

Other sets in this toy line include: pulleys, linkages, levers, wheels, gears, screws and even the incline plane. That's a comprehensive eduction in basic machines in toy form!

Here's a link the entire line of mechanical physics toys by Engino.

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