Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Haba's extensible wooden marble track system!

Haba's extensible wooden marble track system!
If your are looking for a construction toy, you should take a good look at the marble track system by Haba. Like other good construction toys (i.e. Legos, Erector, etc.), the Haba marble track system has a lot of what is called 'play value' -- defined as the amount of playing you can do with a thing before it gets tiresome and probably thrown out.

Shown here is their 42 pieces set, made of European beech wood. It includes glass marbles, blocks, direction switchers, bridges, ramps, and a bell to ring when crossing the finish line.

Why the Haba marble track system will be used over and over?
  • It is a construction toy, engaging the imagination and hands
  • It is an action toy, creating interest and excitement
  • It requires no batteries, so there is nothing to wear out
  • It is made largely of solid hardwood pieces that won't break
  • It highly reconfigurable, so not the same thing every time
  • It has many expansion modules that add exciting new actions

Here's the kicker: the Haba building system pieces are all based on a 4 x 4 x 4cm cube, so they are compatible with the wild assortment of Haba marble track expansion sets. These expansion sets include tilting buckets, funnels, musical staircases, curved track, tunnels, flexible tracks, and jumps. You can buy a new piece or two every year and play with this system indefinitely. Whoa...I think I just sold myself!

Here's where to check out the Haba Ball Track Construction Set -- a good starter set. Here's a smaller set you could also start with: Haba's First Playing Ball Track Set. Either way, be sure to explore the dozens of exciting Haba track extension modules.

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