Saturday, December 18, 2010

10 miniature wooden siege engine kits

miniature wooden siege engine kits
There are only a few days left in this, The Year of the Physics Toy. There is always time for a good siege engine though, right? They make for good physics/history lessons, are a productive way to spend some vacation time, and happen to be just plain fun.

Here's a round-up of 10 miniature wooden siege engine kits:

 1 - Catapult Kit by Pathfinders. Here's my review of this catapult.
 2 - Trebuchet Kit by Pathfinders
 3 - Siege Tower Kit by Pathfinders
 4 - The Desktop Onager by RLT Industries
 5 - The Greek Ballista by RLT Industries
 6 - The Miniature Trebuchet by RLT Industries
 7 - Desktop Trebuchet by RLT Industries
 8 - The TK3 Model Trebuchet Kit
 9 - The Floating Arm Trebuchet by RLT Industries
10 - Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet by RLT Industries

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