Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snap-together circuitboard kit with 500 Projects!

Snap-together circuitboard Kit with 500 Projects
Having declared it to be The Year of the Physics Toy, I have been a little remiss in my duties by neglecting electronics. I've thought that the Snap Circuits kits are a great idea for a long time. In fact, I posted about the giant Snap Circuits set with 750 experiments that allows you to interface with a computer. Here is the next set down in the product line including 500 experiments. The beauty of all the Snap Circuit sets it that you don't have to break out the soldering iron, breadboard, or buy individual electronic components to learn about electronics. The various components are built into plastic housings that simply snap together. Safe, easy, and contained -- it couldn't be easier to experiment with various circuits. I wish I had this as a kid!

Here's one place to get the 500 project Snap Circuit Kit. They have many smaller kits, add-ons, and specialized kits to fit you budget and intersts, so be sure to check out full line of Snap Circuit sets.

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