Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Charmingly little ramp-walking robot made of PVC

Retired engineer, cartoonist, automata and toy maker Roberto Lou Ma has designed a few more ramp-walkers. Among them is this PVC robot -- who has no problem marching to some seriously dramatic music! I makes me laugh every time.

In case you missed it, Roberto Lou Ma shared instructions on how to make a ramp-walking rhinoceros. The figure has a great design consisting of geometric shapes and straight cuts, so it is fairly easy to make.

Here's a link to the plans to make a ramp-walking wooden rhino.

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Blogger Reese Delorey said...

This robot is one of my favorites. People tend to underestimate tiny little creations like this. The thing is, you're looking at the evolutionary ancestors of tomorrow's amazing machines. Technological evolution is much faster than biological. I am looking forward to the day we have a self-aware digital consciousness that we can set free into the universe.

I truly believe that we can give birth to a digital being that will be able to live on almost indefinitely. We just need to be able to set it free in space, where there is no corrosion or other interferences that get in the way of a digital being that is locked to a planet.

When you see simple DIY robots, remember that one day, they may be fully self aware and able to explore the entire universe.

December 5, 2011 at 2:36 PM  

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