Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contraptions, crazy inventions & absurd patents

Patently Ridiculous
Yesterday we featured a book on how to make Make 50 Wild & Wacky Contraptions. As strange as some of the things in that book are, I realized that stranger things havet been invented, patented, and even put to use! And so, there is now a new section of The Automata / Automaton Store dedicated entirely to crazy contraptions -- both real and fanciful.

One of the items you'll find in the new section is the book shown above, Patently Ridiculous. Author Richard Ross dug up some of the strangest patent applications submitted over past 100 years -- there are MANY of them! Illustrated with the inventors own diagrams, this bargain-priced book is an hilarious assortment of inventions. The next time you have what you think is a 'crazy idea' you might check this book and decided that it's not so crazy after all.

Here's a link to the new Crazy Contraptions section of The Automata / Automaton Store. Enjoy!

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