Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coin banks - bizarre, traditional, fun & eductional

Recently, we featured this clever dog mechanical bank and a couple of banks that grab the coin. It got me wondering what other cool mechanical banks were out there. Here are some of my recent finds:

Face bank - most bizarre bank
Here's where you can get your own creepy/cute Face bank.

Clown bank - traditional cast iron bank
Clown bank - traditional cast iron bank
Maybe your tastes are more traditional? Here's cast iron bank you might like. Wind the clown around the ball until it latches, press the lever and he spins around the ball then stands on his hands while depositing your coin. Here's where you can get this reproduction clown bank.

Spin bank - automatic coin spinner
This one was a real surprise to me. It looks like addictive fun at an affordable price. Here's where you can get the coin spinning bank.

Safe bank kit - learning about mechanisms
armed safe money bank kit
What I like about this is that you construct the safe from items included in the kit and learn about its inner workings in the process. When you're done you can use it as a bank. Here's where you can get the armed safe money bank kit.

Check out a dozens of nifty mechanical banks at the the mechanical bank section of The Automata / Automaton Store.

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