Thursday, February 03, 2011

Antique caged bird automaton from Germany

Antique caged bird automaton from Germany
I like to post about these singing bird automata every now and then to remind myself to learn more about them. I have yet to place a bid on one, but -- one day -- I will have one of these of my own!

From the ebay description:
It is a bird in brass wire birdcage that sings, chirps and turns its head, beak and tail flutters around. It is made in Germany by UKA, which has a brass plate on the bottom. Considering its age -- over 80 or 90 years -- it is in excellent condition. Some bars are simple solid and then twisted wires every 4. The base has 3 feet and embossed floral designs. The green felt is dusty but in very good condition. The birdcage is 12 inches high and the base is 7 inches in diameter. Bottom of base says UKA Germany.

Here is the ebay listing for this antique singing bird automaton from Germany.

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