Sunday, February 20, 2011

Automaton of walking man pushing wheelbarrow

Automaton of walking man pushing wheelbarrow
An interesting walking man automaton. Not many specifics regarding its age, maker, or origin, but it's generating a fair number of bids on ebay right now.

From the ebay description:
An unusual French (or German) automaton of a man in silk finery, all original, pushing the wheelbarrow which has a second smaller figure in similar clothing. The clockwork is inside the body of the the larger figure and causes the legs to move which have a very clever mechanical connection . The piece is 10" tall and 9" tall. The clockwork does work fine. The actual ability of the whole thing to work correctly is questionable not due to any mechanical problem but rather the design of the toy is topheavy.

Here is a link to this Automaton of walking man pushing wheelbarrow.

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