Monday, February 07, 2011

Neil Hardy automaton 'Ron's Sub' for sale!

The owner of a wonderful one-of-a-kind piece must sell the jewel of his automata collection: Neil Hardy's piece titled Ron's Sub.

From the ebay description of Ron's Sub:
This was a one-off, exhibited in Falmouth at the "All Hands On Deck" exhibition in 1998, at that time entitled "Pink Submarine". I subsequently bought it direct from Neil, and have had it ever since.

It has recently been restored to full working order by Neil in his workshop, but unfortunately I can no longer keep it. There is no reserve and the starting price is less than I paid for it more than ten years ago.

It is 24" high, 25" wide and 8.5" deep at its fullest extent - a large piece!

See the video for how it works - the piece unfolds the sad story of Noah's brother Ron, who unwisely opted to build a submarine rather than an ark, and due to the regrettable actions of the legendary fauna on board, came to a watery end along with his cargo of dinosaurs and other fantastic, and now unfortunately extinct, creatures.

I wish I could be the next lucky owner of this one!

Here is where you can see the full ebay listing for this amazing one-of-a-kind automaton: Ron's Sub by Neil Hardy.

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