Monday, February 21, 2011

Nice article on the automata of Carlos Zapata

The Figurative Artbeat blog has a nice long post on the automata sculpture of Carlos Zapata.

From the profile on Carlos Zapata's blog:
Working from my present studio in Mabe, Cornwall I have been making kinetic or mechanical sculptures professionally for the past 11 years. Although my background is within Fine Arts, I am a self taught automaton artist, who often accepts commissions for my sculptures from both private and public collectors worldwide. My sculptures are made out of wood and metal, and I often use reclaimed wood and scrap (or recycled) metal in my artwork, as I believe this makes the sculptures even more unique, with a story behind the story. I take my influence mainly from South American, Asian,African and British art and my work is colourful and full of emotion, and often carries a political or social comment, in sharp contrast with humorous language.

Here is the post on The Incredible Automata Sculpture of Carlos Zapata.

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