Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sisyphus in Hiding by Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson continues his series of automata featuring Sisyphus of Greek myth. The results are impressive as always!

From the video description:
Here's our old pal Sisyphus again, this time trying to avoid his responsibilities by hiding in a box.

My core inspirations were these:
1) Claude Shannon's Ultimate Machine
2) The availability of a nice old microscope box.
3) The astonishing human capacity for denial.

This machine is a sort of cousin to the "Most Useless Machine" or "Ultimate Machine", originally built by Claude Shannon. (See for some history.) Many versions can now be found on the internet, almost all of which use electronics. I wanted to get a similar effect purely mechanically.

Your can see still photos of the Sisyphus in Hiding automaton in this flickr set.

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