Thursday, April 28, 2011

Neil Hardy automaton with changing scenes!

Check out this exceptional multi-scene automaton by Neil Hardy entitled Survival of the Fittest. The ebay seller bought it directly from the artist some 12 years ago and has to let it go.

From the ebay description:

It has recently been restored to full working order by Neil in his workshop, but unfortunately I can no longer keep it. There is no reserve and the starting price is less than I paid for it more than ten years ago.

It is 16" high, 14" wide (including handle) and 12" deep - a large piece!

See the video for how it works - the piece is run from a large geneva wheel which steps through the four endangered species before opening the double doors in the body of the piece to reveal a rather less endangered one.

It's a brilliant piece - effectively 5 works in one - and as cunning and delightful as any contemporary automata.

Here is the full ebay listing for this Neil Hardy automaton with changing scenes.

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