Saturday, April 16, 2011

Remote controlled bald eagle with 9 foot wingspan

Remote controlled bald eagle with 9.5 foot wingspan

Take a look at this awesome remote controlled eagle. This thing is huge -- over 9 feet, actually. In addition to soaring, the eagle can also fly in loops and hover in place against the wind. This has to be the most impressive bird-like flying toy I've seen so far.

From the RC eagle description:

This is the remote controlled bald eagle with a 9 1/2' wingspan that catches the wind for broad, soaring turns. It is powered by a gimbal-mounted engine and propeller that provides nimble, multi-directional vector movement which replicates the bird of prey's agile turns and dives. The natural curvature of the nylon/polyester wings creates an airfoil that provides lift for the carbon fiber frame and wing struts. The transmitter controls the eagle up to 500' away; trim controls allow fine adjustment to left, right, up, and down thrust of the propeller.

Want to see some video? Yeah, you do! Here's where you can learn more and see video of this 9 1/2 foot remote controlled bald eagle.

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Blogger Andy from Workshopshed said...

I'm reminded of that pterodactile that was flown in the wargames film.

April 17, 2011 at 6:16 AM  

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