Monday, May 23, 2011

Weird gears in a beautiful boxed set

Not long ago, I posted about some of the odd shaped gears created by clock-designer Clayton Boyer.

The folks at have partnered with Clayton Boyer to offer the beautiful weird gears set shown in the video above and photographs below.

Weird gears boxed set

The boxed set includes 2 of the large pentagonal gears, 6 triangle gears, 6 square gears, axle pegs, and the specially marked base. The gears are laser-cut from cherry and come in a tidy basswood box. The gears can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations, most of which are delightfully mind-bending.

Weird gears in a beautiful boxed set

As with everything from LEAFpdx, the set is beautifully designed down to the smallest detail. If you are interested in mechanical things or are looking for a gift for someone who is, this is something you just won't find anywhere else.

Here is where you can order your own set of weird gears.

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