Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book about Ancient Greek Gadgets and Machines

Cover photograph of the book Ancient Greek Gadgets and Machines

This 152 page book, printed in 1966 (paperback) and again in 1975 (hardcover), covers the inventions attributed to the ancient Greeks. It includes both drawings and photographs of the subject. Of particular interest is the section dedicated to the design for the first steam engine created by Heron of Alexandria.

From one Amazon Reviewer:

Basically, the book keeps what the title promises: it is a brilliant account of ancient Greek gadgets and machines, focusing both on the explanation of the most important inventions and on the famous inventors they are attributed to. Further, Robert S. Brumbaugh gives concise and enlightening descriptions of different Greek philosophers' attitudes towards machines. This, combined with Brumbaugh's absorbing writing style, makes Ancient Greek Gadgets and Machines a most rewarding read.

The author, Robert Sherrick Brumbaugh, wrote extensively on the subject of ancient Greece.

Here is where you can pick among used editions of the book Ancient Greek Gadgets and Machines.

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