Thursday, July 14, 2011

Schoenhut clockwork picture of a man & mouse

I posted a video earlier this year showing a mechanical picture automaton of shoemaker's shop. The piece looked like one made by Albert Schoenhut found Mary Hillier's book Automata and Mechanical Toys. Albert Schoenhut, originally from Germany, set up shop Philadelphia, Pennsylvania not long after the Civil War ended.

From the Item description:

This clockwork driven picture features an old man dressed in his night cap and robe opening and closing his mouth as if to be yelling, and raising and dropping his arm as if trying strike a mouse which is darting in and out of the cupboard. Behind the scene is a strong brass clockwork motor driving an assortment of cams, a pulley, and wire levers causing the action.

Here is a link to the current ebay listing with a very detailed description for this Shoenhut clockwork living picture of a man and rat.

[ Thanks Jennifer! ]

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