Monday, September 12, 2011

Dreamtime - moving figure makes patterns in sand

Artist Tom Haney is continuing to explore the idea of a figure interacting with sand. In this new piece, Dreamtime, a figure gracefully combs sand as she sits on a small spinning platform.

From Tom Haney:

She has a peaceful, contemplative aura to her face and posture, and exists in a most tranquil setting. An antique glass case holds the piece and its motor is hidden inconspicuously in a compartment underneath the sand. Two lights, which help bring out the texture of the sand, illuminate the scene. I'm very pleased with the way this piece came out, and with the calming effect it has on its viewers.

I had the pleasure of seeing this piece first hand recently in the Boston area and was captivated by the figure, motion and pattern in the sand. The sculpture measures 13" x 19" x 13" and is currently available at Obsolete.

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