Friday, September 23, 2011

The kinetic art of Tom Haney to be in short film

Atlanta based artist and musician Brock Scott has long been interested in artists who create unique kinetic pieces. He was thrilled to discover that he lived in the same city as one of America's best automaton-artists: Tom Haney.

Scott approached Tom Haney with a collaboration idea. He describes the project as "part puppet show, part kinetic sculpture, part musical performance and immortalized on film". The film will follow the travels of an explorer who who happens upon a magical fair in the middle of a desert. Now that should be good!

Brock Scott explains the ambitious nature of the film:

The video will last the duration of one song (approx. 2:30) that my band, Little Tybee, will compose and record. The entire sequence will be shot in a single take, with no cuts, panning from left to right (Similar to the platform view of the Super Mario Brothers game). The set itself would be approximately 45 feet long. The camera will be mounted on a robotic motorized dolly fixed to a rail that allows filming the entire length of the set smoothly. Tom and I are extremely motivated and itching to bring our vision to life.

Though they are pleased to have reached their goal on Kickstarter, you can still contribute. I'm sure the resources would be put to good use, helping to ensure that a great idea is brought to full fruition. Here is an image showing a fortune teller character and some of options for his hat. They all create a different effect!

Fortune teller character

Here is where you can learn more about the film to feature the kinetic art of Tom Haney, titled Boxcar Fair. You can follow Tom Haney's progress on his contribution to the film on his blog.

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