Friday, October 28, 2011

Automata, magic tricks, posters & books at auction

This clown magician musical automaton was made in Paris by Leopold Lambert around 1910. This is one of several automata and many, many stage magic items to be sold at an auction held by Potter & Potter on Saturday October 29th, 2011.

More about the clown magician:

Impressive clown magician with hand painted face, glass eyes and elaborate costume standing behind a table with a spun metal cup in his right hand and wand in his left. When activated, the magician raises the cup to reveal one of four objects – a watch, a gem, a die, or a compass. The figure performs several actions in order to change the objects under the cup, including raising and lowering his head, shaking head from side-to-side, sticking out tongue, and waving the magic wand in a circular motion. The automaton's actions are accompanied by a two-tune music box.

Here is a link to the auction site, where you can purchase or download the current catalog and bid on items online.

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