Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Build a working miniature wooden ballista

Photo of Wood Ballista Kit

It is no secret that I like ancient siege engines both large and small. In addition to making a trebuchet that can launch 5 pound pumpkins, I've also written a detailed reviewed of a catapult kit and created a list of 10 model siege engine kits here on The Automata / Automaton Blog. Given this history, I am pleased to present this Roman Ballista Kit.

From the kit description:

Each Wooden Ballista Kit is laser cut for easy assembly. Just follow the full color illustrated instruction manual and you'll be firing the included wooded bullets in no time. And we mean FIRING! See, this Wooden Ballista Kit makes a Ballista so powerful, you'll be launching the included wooden bullets around 30 feet or more!

The Wooden Ballista Kit features laser-cut hardwood pieces. Precision cut parts (shown below) and and full color instructions should make this a fun and easy kit for anyone interested in history, machines, or throwing small pieces of wood across the room.

Photo of Wood Ballista Kit

Here's where you can get the Wooden Ballista Kit.

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