Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spewing corpse animatronic hooks to fog machine

Spewing corpse animatronic hooks to fog machine

This two foot tall corpse would make for an impressive Halloween display. When fully set up, it turns its head from side-to-side and spews fog from its open mouth. Pretty scary! The creature looks as if it is pulling itself out of the ground, so I imagine you will want to place in front of a nice big old-looking Halloween gravestone prop. I like this more elaborate demon gravestone a bit better, personally.

The set comes with a 110 volt motor to power the corpse's moving head. It also comes the two scary hands, shirt, and frame. The 3 foot long hose attachment will need to be hooked up to a standard 400w or 700w fog machine -- not included, but not outrageous either. They have their uses.

Here's where to get the spewing corpse animated Halloween prop with fog machine accessibility.

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