Saturday, December 10, 2011

Laetitia, Princess of the air by Pierre Mayer

I've been featuring the work of automaton-maker and magician Pierre Mayer on my blog for a while now. His is the creator of many wonderful magic-trick automata including The Orange Tree, Miniature Orange Tree, The Harlequin, Fechner's Levitation on Stool, a tribute to Siegfried and Roy, and many others.

Here is new and mysterious automaton by Pierre Mayer called "Laetitia".

From the artist's web site:

This automaton differs from the previous one: the Fechner’s levitation. It uses a completely different principle, no magnets this time. Laetitia floats in the air when you turn the handle and the arms raise. A mirror at her back shows there is nothing to hide and creates a perfect illusion for this levitation. Also the flames from the candles twirl and move up.

See more magic automaton by Pierre Mayer on his web site.

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