Thursday, December 01, 2011

Mechanical gift idea #4 - Time Machine clock

The Time Machine table top rolling marble clock

Part clock, part sculpture, The Time Machine is a mechanical clock that moves a set of chrome balls every sixty seconds. There is a track of accumulated balls to indicate the hour of the day and another two to indicate the minutes. There is a even a second hand on top. The clock has been around longer than you might think and was sold as "The Electric Wonder Ball Clock". Here is a nice video review of the clock

It comes with a fitted acrylic display case that keeps the dust out of the mechanism and makes it look really sleek and futuristic. This modern version of an ancient method of keeping time is a great conversation piece, fun for kids and adults. Please note: because of the clacking of the chrome balls this isn't a clock you'll want to put in a library -- but that's true of most mechanical clocks!

Here's the link for more info on the Time Machine Tabletop Clock

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