Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Passing of a master watchmaker, George Daniels

I had heard of watchmaker George Daniels, mostly because I have been eyeing a certain book on Amazon for several months. The description and artwork in his book Watchmaking caught my attention right away. I did not know until recently how accomplished the author was as a watchmaker. Sadly, this genius passed away on October 21st at the age of 85. The facts within an obituary published by The Economist have left me stunned.

Daniels not only taught himself horology, but also every skill needed to produce a watch entirely on his own. He made the screws, springs, gears, hands and dials. He also made many of the tools used to make these things! In his 42 years of work, he created 37 unique watches and invented his own escapements. Here is video of his revolutionary co-axial escapement.

His obsession with precision led to the development of incredibly -- and entirely mechanical -- new watch mechanisms. This was no ordinary man, but rather the greatest watchmaker of our time.

Here is a link to the obituary for George Daniels published by The Economist.

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