Friday, January 06, 2012

A skeletonized pocket watch broke my heart

Catorex Argent Massif 925 Pocket Watch

I was lucky enough to have received an Amazon gift card this holiday season. I was clicking around the site and the watch shown here caught my eye. It was mixed in among the 140 other skeletonized pocket watches -- many of which are quite affordable. All too quickly, I got my hopes up.

The bad news: it costs $2,875.00.

The good news: it comes with FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING!!!

Alas, my gift card -- even with the generous shipping offer -- won't quite be enough. I think I'll keep looking for an antique Waltham pocket watch.

If you feel like punishing yourself here's the page for the Catorex Argent Massif 925 Skeletal Pocket Watch.

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