Monday, February 20, 2012

Proxxon 5" disc sander, a precision device for fine sanding work

Proxxon Disc Sander with 5 inch adhesive sanding discs

I have two Proxxon benchtop tools -- the table saw and miter saw. These tools are of excellent quality and just the right size for an automaton-maker or model maker. I have had my eye on Proxxon's bench sander for quite a while. At long last, a good Samaritan has taken the time to review it on Amazon! I'm going to quote from that review here, because it is some of the best information I've found about his tool so far:

From one Amazon review:

After looking for a disc sander for model hobby needs, I finally settled down on this disc sander. While a bit spendy, the quality more than justified the purchase. I will have this tool for decades; and I'm not having to return some other tool. This is the first product I have purchased in quite a while WITHOUT a tag saying "made in china". It's about time.

I went with this model because of significant problems I'd encounter with all the other products available:

  • All the other disc sanders were too big
  • They didn't have a slow enough "slow" speed setting, or no speed adjustment at all
  • None in this size had a vacuum connection
  • The other one from micromark had a foot-pedal from a sewing machine to set the speed (microlux)
  • Low quality and difficult adjusting sanding table/gauge
  • Overall quality factors

After receiving this product and trying it out, wow. This is a quality machine. It hogs out balsa and light ply at a crawl when I want, and eats it away when I want it to. The dust vacuum port is very effective (and entirely necessary). This is the perfect complement to my scroll saw. The table for resting the wood is firm, easily adjusted, precise and accurate. The variable speed control is extremely smooth. The silicone faced disc makes for easy changes of the sand paper. I am producing model parts at a very fast rate, I cant wait to get started on the next build.

The reviewer goes on to say that this sander is for specifically model and miniature makers. Don't expect it to take the place of a 10 or 16" disk sander for a full size woodworking shop. That said, the Proxxon Disc Sander is of a size and quality that no other tool in the category can match.

Here's what the sander looks like when mounted to the bench in the other orientation:

Photo of sander mounted horizontally
Here's a link to a lot more info on Proxxon Disc Sander.

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