Friday, March 09, 2012

Help support The Automata Blog when you shop at Amazon

Image of the link to use on The Automata Blog when you shop at Amazon

Short Version:
You can help support The Automata Blog by using the link in the upper right corner of the page whenever you shop at Amazon. The image above shows the link to use. That's it!

Long Version:
For those of you who regularly read The Automata Blog, I am grateful for your visits. It's fun to share my passion for automata and mechanical things, showcase the work of talented people, and point you to some resources that might be of interest.

Despite the short format of The Automata Blog, maintaining it does take time, money, and other resources. If you enjoy it, you can help support the blog by using the Amazon link in the upper right corner of the page. This link contains my Amazon Affiliate code.

So, what does that mean? The link will take you to Amazon where you can shop for anything you like. The cost to you is no different than if you had found your way there from any other source. The difference is that Amazon will give me a small percentage of the sale amount for being the one to send a customer their way.

Any link to Amazon on The Automata Blog will work this way, whether you purchase an item I have featured or buy something completely random. As long as you arrived at Amazon via a link on this blog, they will credit all sales during that session to me. Books, cosmetics, food, machinery, Kindle books, gift cards...pretty much every category of product is eligible.

I can access a report showing what was bought, but I have absolutely no information about who the purchasers are. None. Your privacy is 100% secure.

The earnings pay for web and database hosting, domain name registrations, internet access, and computer equipment I use to keep the blog going. I can also use it for books, tools, toys, kits, courses, and travel -- things that I can share with you in the days to come.

Going to Amazon via my blog will only take a few extra seconds. You can, of course, ask your non-blog-reading friends and relatives to shop Amazon via my blog too. Simply direct them to the or and direct them to the Amazon links.

Thanks for taking to time to read this post. I very much appreciate your support!

All the best,

-Dug North, The Automata Blog

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