Thursday, April 26, 2012

At Work with Tim Prentice: video profile of a kinetic sculptor

Kinetic sculptor Tim Prentice is profiled in this lovely video. Prentice makes large hanging pieces that interact with the air to create captivating patterns of motion, light, and form. The 18 minute video follows Prentice around his pastoral home and studio in New England as he works on various pieces. His narration leaves no doubt in the viewer that Prentice has thought deeply about his art, but he does so in a way that is clear and unpretentious. It's a pleasure to hear him speak.

There is a new book available about the work of Tim Prentice titled Drawing on the Air: The Kinetic Sculpture of Tim Prentice. Due out in June of 2012, the book features the work of of a man whose sculptures "allow you to see the air" in his words. His sculptures may be seen in public spaces and corporate headquarters throughout the United States as well as in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Australia. His work is also in over 150 private collections. The book is a beautiful 9" x 9" hardcover format. The book may be pre-ordered now at Amazon.


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