Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tour Cabaret Mechanical Theatre as it was in the 1990s

Here's a video that shows Cabaret Mechanical Theatre when it was located in Covent Garden, London. Founder Sue Jackson provides a tour 1997 for a Thai TV program (in English with subtitles). For those of us who never made it to Cabaret in these years, this is a wonderful taste of what we missed. For those that did visit, I am sure it will bring fond memories flooding back.

From the video description:

Have a tour around the original Cabaret Mechanical Theatre which had 69 machines all operated by push button. See Paul Spooner's amazing Last Judgement, and his famous Manet's Olympia. Watch Keith Newstead's Economic Cycle and Domestic Bliss in action, and Tim Hunkin's Barman serves the drinks.

This second video is from the mid 1990s. In it you will see founder Sue Jackson, automata from Keith Newstead, Peter Markey, Paul Spooner, and Ron Fuller. All classics!

You can still visit Cabaret Mechanical Theatre's web site and their traveling exhibits.


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