Monday, May 21, 2012

Automata Exhibition: 'Child Soldiers' by Carlos Zapata

Automata Exhibition: Carlos Zapata - Child Soldiers

Automaton artist Carlos Zapata was born in conflict-torn Colombia in 1963. The themes in some of his work come from a personal awareness that children are all too often used in armed conflict. His new exhibition, 'Child Soldiers', addresses sad fact.

About the exhibit:

This solo exhibition contains Carlos Zapata's latest series of intimate and emotive sculptures and automata which have at their core the humanitarian often violent struggle of the innocent, often children, who are drawn in to the maelstrom of war.

Elaborating on experiences from his own personal life, Zapata delves into the human stories behind war from both ends of the spectrum - how people deal with, and deal out, violence. What people are capable of when confronted by extreme circumstances - bravery and cowardliness alike. Put simply Zapata says "death and survival comes on a daily basis for some people"

Shown below is an automaton from the exhibit titled 'Beating':

Beating - automaton by Carlos Zapata

The show will open at Millennium in Cornwall, UK on May 25th and run until June 19th. You can learn more about the 'Child Soldiers' sculpture and automata exhibit by Carlos Zapata at the Millennium web site.

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