Monday, May 07, 2012

Half Ounce automaton by Nick Rayburn

I posted a while back about this fascinating automaton by Nick Rayburn titled Half Ounce. The beautifully crafted wood and brass sculpture also incorporates a unique assemblage of found objects including an antique letter balance, spirit bubble level, feathers, and a bird skull! Now that is something you can't find just anywhere.

The piece is currently available on eBay. Here is where you can see more photos and/or bid on the Half Ounce automaton by Nick Rayburn.

You might also be interested in checking out his version of the classic tapping fingers automaton titled The Waiting Hand (shown in the video below). As is typical of Nick Rayburn, the craftsmanship is superb! Should you buy one of these limited edition pieces, you will be in good company. Other purchasers include Guillermo del Torro (director of Pan's Labyrinth), Ron Kalin (founder of Etsy), Adam Savage of Mythbusters and the English writer Anthony Horowitz!

Here is the eBay listing for The Waiting Hand automaton by Nick Rayburn.

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