Thursday, June 07, 2012

Automata Blog turns 6! Thank you and...onward!

The Automata / Automaton Blog turned 6 years old last Sunday!

Thanks to all the readers for tuning in. A special thanks to those of you who send great stuff my way to share with everyone else; you make my job quite a bit easier and everyone's day brighter. Thanks also to those of you who who support the site by using the Amazon link in the upper right corner and elsewhere. Those pennies, nickels, and dimes help keep this project going! If you purchase woodworking tools or materials, consider using the Woodcraft links found at the bottom of the page and elsewhere. Even using the eBay links help me out in a small way!

The coming year will see some changes. Don't worry -- nothing drastic and all good. I plan to share a bit more of my own creative process with you. You'll be seeing more of my bench, hands, tools, and creations. I may also occasionally experiment with some different types of posts that mix things up in an interesting and informative way. Finally, you'll see some cosmetic enhancements that I am very excited about.

All the best and thanks again,

-Dug North

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Blogger Will Granger said...

Congrats Dug,

This is my favorite website. I hope your success continues!

June 7, 2012 at 9:34 AM  
Blogger Dug North said...

Thanks Will!

I am so glad my site is you favorite! Sitting on this side of the process, it's sometimes hard to tell how people may (or may not) be feeling about it.

All the very best,


June 8, 2012 at 9:01 AM  

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