Friday, June 15, 2012

Display of rare and unusual Black Forest Clocks in Pasadena, CA

Justin J. Miller, author and expert on Black Forest clocks will be putting on a display of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks this weekend in Pasadena, California. The display will be part of the National Watch and Clock Collectors Association (NAWCC) 2012 National Convention. The convention will be held at the Pasadena convention center from June 13 to 16, 2012. While the convention is primarily for members of the NAWCC, it is open to the public on Saturday, June 16th.

Photo of Black Forest Clock movement

The display will include at least 12 Black Forest clocks, many of which have automata and mechanical music components. The following list gives a brief overview of what you can expect to see:.

1. Large carved 8-horn trumpeter clock by Emilain Wehrle
2. Large cuckoo and quail clock by Samuel Kammerer
3. Early 15 pipe, 6 tune flute clock c. 1820
4. Early Black Forest Glockenschläger Automaton c. 1825
5. Automaton with drinking king c. 1870
6. Automaton with Napoleon eating rats c. 1870
7. Rooster clock by Emilian Wehrle c. 1890
8. Cuckoo clock with automated sentry by PH&S c. 1900
9. Singing bird clock by Emilian Wehrle c. 1875
10. Early wooden-wheel, paper shield, cuckoo clock Cc. 1780
11. Table cuckoo clock with eye automation J.B. Beha c. 1860
12 Large table cuckoo with oil painting by Samuel Kammerer c. 1870

This will be a wonderful opportunity to see and hear a variety of clocks from the Black Forest. You should also be aware of Miller's new book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, which will be available in mid July of 2012.

Here's where you can get information on the NAWCC convention.


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