Wednesday, June 06, 2012

French automaton of singing taxidermy bird in brass cage

Phalibois is a famous name in the history of automata. Apparently the father and son team made some singing bird automata to compliment their more typical automata which depicted monkeys, tight-rope walkers, and conjurers.

From the eBay description:
Here is a very rare to find "Jean Phalibois" (French made) bird automaton. An amazing work of J. Phalibois (most likely would date it around 1890 or even earlier). This is a very unique larger-size bird cage (brass wire cage on a molded plaster and wood decorative base). It is a rare and nice high-end cage. This bird is authentic/original taxidermy bird with amazing condition. The whole original taxidermy bird was installed on a brass bird body with inside mechanism (A very rare bird! Please, we welcome a bird expert contact us, to give us information about what kind of bird is this.) Real natural feathers (iridescence blue/green wing feathers, iridescence head, chest and neck feathers and some iridescence tail feathers. They change colors depending on the light. Pictures do not do justice to these beautiful feathers. Looks beautiful and very attractive. The bird, flooring, cage, bellows and the Mechanical parts are all original and in excellent condition. Bellows and the clock-work automation work perfectly like new. Overall condition is undamaged and truly excellent, with the slight patina of age. This is a true antique, not a reproduction, and one that is sure to appreciate in value over time.

Here is where you can see many more pictures and two additional videos of this French automaton of singing taxidermy bird in brass cage.

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