Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Little Pony cartoon fan art done as wood automaton

What happens when you love reading AND the TV show My Little Pony? Well, if you have imagination, a lot of skill, and over 100 hours of time this automaton featuring "Twilight Sparkle" could be the result. This is my kind of fan art! From the YouTube description:

This is the second piece of my pony automaton series featuring characters from the show My Little Pony. Like the previous one, the characters and base (box) are hand-carved out of Philippine mahogany. The gears and books are made from Nara hardwood with the exception of the book page (that actually turns!) which is made from paper mache. All figures are painted in enamel and topped off with a flat lacquer clear coat.

My Little Pony cartoon fan art wood automaton

It's an incongruous mix of natural wood and unnaturally colored animals that I find fascinating. It's beautifully made and the wooden gear train is incredible!

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what site did you get this from? just wondering

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