Friday, June 22, 2012

Plans for cross-country skier automaton available for Kindle

Ken Schweim is the creator of the mechanical contraption called Convolution and the CPR automaton and plans. He's been keeping busy and has produced a new automaton of a figure cross-country skiing. Plans for the project are available for purchase in Amazon Kindle format.

Plans for cross-country skier automaton available for Kindle

From the project description:

This is a wood automaton project. The motion is provided by a hand crank which drives a set of gears. The gears have a 2:1 gear reduction to provide a more realistic speed of action. The gears also have a right angle drive to allow the hand crank to be placed on the side of the project and not block the view of the mechanical section. The gears drive a two journal automotive type of crankshaft.

The action consists of two skis in motion, both arms and both legs. The arms are activated by attaching each ski pole to the side of the skis. The legs are activated by attachment to the skis. The skis are activated by hangers attached at the bottom which are then connected to the crankshaft journals.

Here is a sample page from the book showing an example of the very nicely done plan drawings:

Image of automata plans

If you would like to build this project, complete construction plans are available on Amazon.Com in Kindle book format under the title of Wood Automata Project.

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