Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage video profile of toy maker Ron Fuller in his workshop

Here's another wonderful video from the archives over at Cabaret Mechanical Theatre. This short video features artist and toy maker, Ron Fuller, in his workshop. In the video we get to see his Woodland Animal mechanical piece The Circus, The Sheepshearer, a sand toy and many other creations from his charming workshop in Suffolk, England.

A kid at heart, it's great to see this grown man making mechanical toys. This piece makes a nice companion to the video profile of Ron Fuller from earlier this year.

If you like Ron Fuller's work and want to make some of the same models and automata, you will want to get his book The Art and Craft of Wooden Toys. It is very clear and well-illustrated. It's one of the few books with complete plans for a wood automaton -- his famous Lion Tamer automaton.

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