Saturday, July 14, 2012

Female golfer automaton by Wanda Sowry

Female golf automaton a video by Wanda Sowry on Flickr.

I've always loved the use of woods in Wanda Sowry's automata. This piece depicts a golfer. Unlike some of the simpler versions out there, this figure actually hits a small ball into a cup with putter. The ball reemerge moments later to be struck again. She's getting in some good putting practice!

Wanda's figures are 100% successful from the looks of the video. Their placid carved expressions are therefore appropriate. My understanding is that the game is an emotional rollercoaster. It must be so because there is actually an entire book dedicated to carving golfers with all sorts of crazy expressions. It's called Carving Golfers: 12 Projects Capturing the Joys and Frustrations of the World's Greatest Game. Seems like the range of expressions captured would be useful for all kinds of automata. I may have to pick up a copy!

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