Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Walking wooden Frankenstein monster -- IT'S ALIVE!

Here's another fun creation from Roberto Lou Ma -- the man that provided us free plans for a Ramp-walking Wooden Rhino as well as free plans for a Ramp-walking Wooden robot. Oh...yes, he also designed and created plans for a Ramp-walking Bird too!

Measuring 32 centimeters high, the Frankenstein model shown in the video is his largest ramp-walker creation so far. The slow lumbering walk is perfect for Frankenstein! I love the outstretched arms and detail in the figure. Very well done.

I'm not sure if plans will be available for the Frankenstein walker, but you can see all of Roberto Lou Ma's wooden creations on his YouTube channel.

If you happen to love ramp-walkers, you might clike the book Walking Automata: A Collection of Self-Moving Models to Cut Out and Make. The book has seven walker projects in total: Noah's Ark, a pirate ship, three sizes of duck, a kangaroo, and a blue footed booby.

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Blogger Matías Trillo said...

AMAZING!!! Best wishes for Roberto Lou Ma from Argentina!!

May 1, 2015 at 6:56 PM  

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