Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Plans to build a model of a flathead 4 motor out of scrap wood

Ken Schweim has come up with a new set of plans. This time around, he has designed and built a Willys L-134 flathead engine model out of wood! The plans are available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon.

From the book description:

The engine rotates with a hand crank mounted on the flywheel end of the crankshaft. The movable parts include the four pistons, connecting rods, eight valves, cam shaft, crankshaft, and timing gears. The head is included with the four spark plugs, plug wires, and a distributor (for looks only). The valves are all timed for a normal four cycle engine and the firing order is the same as a Willys L-134 flathead engine. The head is mounted on two wood hinges to allow a clean view of all the valves and pistons.

Made from small pieces of scrap wood pieces, the motor model can be built using with standard woodworking tools. The model measures approximately 12" long by 8" wide. The book contains over 300 step by step photos and blueprints. Here's a sample page from the book showing the plan drawings and helpful photographs that accompany the text:

Sample page from book
Cover of book

Not only does it look like an enjoyable woodworking project, but you will learn about how internal combustion engines work along the way. In fact, it looks like the model would make a great science fair project! For those interested in learning to make wood automata, the project incorporates many commonly used mechanical components including the hand crank, crank shaft, gears, linkages, and cams.

Here's where you can view more sample pages and order your own copy of the book Build a Wood Flathead 4 Motor

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