Saturday, September 15, 2012

Renewable by Paul Spooner depicts three wind power generators in action

Here is a new piece by automata legend, Paul Spooner. This one depicts three wind turbines atop small green hills. Titled simply Renewable, the piece is made of pine, lime, alder, aluminum, steel, nylon, brass, bronze, acrylic paint.

Photo of sculpture by Paul Spooner

True to form, Spooner uses an ingenious mechanism to turn the blades of the windmills. Pulleys, of course, right? Oh, no. Take a good look at the shaft on the side of box moving in and out. That's a clue as to what's going on inside.

Paul Spooner on the details of the mechanism:

This piece employs the well-known Sliding Block mechanism to link the movement of the driving handle to all three turbines. The action is not particularly smooth, in fact it’s downright jerky because of the lack of balance in the turbine blades and the 3 x 352 degrees of lost motion in the transmission.

I adore Spooner's signature dovetail joints which hold the mechanism box together.

Here is where you can read more about (or purchase) the automaton titled Renewable by Paul Spooner.

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