Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fluttershy's Bird Choir - a new My Little Pony themed wood automaton

Did you see the My Little Pony wood automaton I posted back in June? Here is the another by the same artist. It is an unexpected sub-genre that is wonderfully incongruous. Whether you agree or not, just look at the craftsmanship!

From the YouTube description:

This third piece in my pony automaton series proved to be the most difficult to design and make by far as I wanted to match Fluttershy's grandiose reputation. Other than the typical moving parts, her bird choir actually sings! The characters, box (stand) and fence are carved out of Philippine mahogany as are the cams, bellows and slide whistle. The gear train and lever arms are made of Narra hardwood. Fluttershy stands at 6"; with the entire display it measures 10 1/4" high, 8 1/2" long, and 4" wide. The entire piece took me a staggering 182 hours to complete.

This very complex and well made automaton is currently for sale on ebay. Check out the pictures and description or just go ahead and buy this one-of-a-kind creation. Here is the eBaby listing for the Fluttershy's Bird Choir wood automaton.

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